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Pub Poker is the latest craze to sweep Australia, with hundreds of pub poker venues sprouting up to get in on the action. Which is good news for us. We decided to create this site as a central pub poker resource, with great links and information on all pub poker nights in Australia.

This website is work in progress, and we are interested in any feedback or suggestions you have. As time progresses, we will have more poker venues and nights detailed on the site, pub poker competitions, news, reviews and more. We have included information on various competitions from the National Pub Poker League (NPPL), Club Pub Poker, League Poker and independant poker nights.

We have numerous member benefits on, including pub poker night alerts when a new venue or game appears in your area, ability to add a poker venue, or poker night for free, opportunities to meet like minded poker playing souls and more. Registration is free, quick and easy.

So please enjoy our site, chcek back often for all the latest in the world of Pub Poker!
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